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Luxury Survival Retreats : FORTIFIED & HARDENED Homes - Your Family Is Worth It

Survival Retreats : Ready to Retrofit your rural homestead?

Regardless of your budget there are physical improvements that can be completed on an existing home to bring a higher level of overall protection.
Most of our clients seek to renovate an existing home and outbuildings, rather than build. Although building from the ground up is the best overall choice, many times it can be more economical to simply retrofit a property into a secure homestead. If you're looking to build a truly safe and sustainable retreat from the ground up, you have found the right place.

Douglas Clark is our certified Hardened Structures architect. He will design everything from a small safe storage room, defensive fighting positions all the way to a fully integrated shelter capable of surviving a nuclear detonation within 10 miles, and everything in between.
The fees for the retrofit and design work are well within the scope and means of our average clients, so don't be leery of speaking with Douglas and his Hardened Structures Team.
In each custom consulting package, time is allotted to speak directly with Douglas about your plans in order for you to ascertain the feasibility of the improvements you're seeking in the new rural homestead.


Because it is impossible to protect against all threats and hazards, adopting a balanced approach in designs that considers intended functions, threat mitigation and budget is imperative. There is no one-size-fits-all and there is no formula of security features and programs that will ensure 100% safety against all violent attacks or natural disasters.
Designers and owners must understand the limitations of designed facilities and proposed countermeasures. Mitigating measures or countermeasures are specified to meet a particular anticipated threat, not all possible threats.
Douglas and his team design your facility to achieve a Balanced Survivability, ensuring that no one system or component is the "Achilles heel." No matter if it is a regional natural disaster, nuclear and/or EMP event, armed assaults, or any civilization altering scenario, our experienced teams of architects, engineers and project managers can design and construct your facility efficiently, covertly, and cost effectively.
  1. Client Interview/Site Assessment
  2. Feasibility Study "Personal Protection Plan"
  3. Client Feedback on Protection Plan
  4. Project Program Design Narrative
  5. Design Documents
  6. Client Review/Comment/Approval of Design documents
  7. Technical Construction documents and equipment specification
  8. Construction Management Planning
  9. Pre-Construction; bidding, coordination, staging, equipment ordering
  10. Permitting (if requested)
  11. Construction
  12. Client Move-In
  13. Systems Orientation


Hardened Structures are designed to perform its PRIMARY MISSION both during and after a war-like or criminal attack, a major natural disaster, or accidental/man-made emergency. Douglas and his team address these challenges by employing a Multi-Hazard Engineering methodology in the design and planning stages that not only recognizes individual hazards/threats sequentially, but also address all hazards/threats simultaneously as a problem of optimization under constraints. A Hardened Structures facility can be designed to protected against a wide range of threats including:
  1. WMD's
  2. Frontal Assault and Forced Entry
  3. Economic Collapse / Breakdown of Law & Order
  4. Anarchy Ballistic / Blast Protection / Major Earth Event (Life Ending) Cataclysm
  5. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Explosive (CBRE) agents
  6. Airblast
  7. Ground shock
  8. Fragmentation and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading
  9. Penetration

The enhancement of preparedness properties through the seamless integration of water features, alternative energy and food production systems with discreetly designed tactical positions.

The integration of these key features provides the foundation for a sustainable and defensible retreat property.

As preppers we are all seeking abundant water, alternative energy creation, sustainable year round food production, on a highly defensible property. These attributes are the pillars of retreat property scouting, however, how do you implement all these aspects into a seamless retreat development plan that not only makes sense, but stays under budget?
Before you start making calls and buying equipment for your property, you'll need a well thought out design. The questions are endless; How to clear a spot for the solar panels yet keep certain trees and bushes for cover and concealment? Can the tail-water from the hydro be used to form a water feature that acts as a terrain obstacle for threats? How about a combination swale and Hugelkultur bed to form a vehicular barrier both at the entrance of the retreat, but along the extended driveway as it winds along several curves designed for ambush points, and food production.
The landscape design division of Survival Retreat Consulting can tackle these tough answers and help you move into the  design and retrofit stage, and as you'll find out it's the most exciting and rewarding stages of your new property ownership.

Defensive positions should be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding terrain.








Services Include: Natural Camouflage Plan, Construction Documents & Details, Permit Application & Approval Assistance and Property Improvement Visualization through CAD renderings

Survival Retreat Consulting